• Ground


    We conduct remedial investigations to determine types and quantities of contaminates in the ground.
  • Water


    Our goal is to assist you in providing clean water and a healthier environment.
  • Air


    We verify air pollutant levels to determine indoor air quality for a better living environment.
  • Energy


    We perform audits to improve energy efficiency.

Josephson Environmental Consulting Services

Josephson Consulting, Inc. (JCI) offers our clients creative solutions to engineering and environmental problems.  We have over 35 years of experience working with a variety of clients including major corporations and governmental agencies as well as private home owners.  Our work with the regulatory community has earned us a respect that allows us to come to solutions that protect human health and the environment within the States’ rules and regulations.  The innovative solutions we have recommended and implemented have reduced contamination and often save our clients considerable expense.  We are able to quickly respond to your needs, assess your situation and work with you to come to a solution that you are comfortable with, thereby adding value to your bottom line.
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